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Bray (to Greystone) Cliff Walk

Ireland has been a sweet dream of greenery, cozy accents and friendly people. As much as I was looking forward to seeing the capital, Dublin, my body and mind desired to be back in nature. Thanks to the recommendation of my awesome Couchsurfing host, she advised me of 2 cliff walks within an hour or… Continue reading Bray (to Greystone) Cliff Walk

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Oh, Ireland! How I love thou

First destination on jellooohexploration: Ireland! Ireland is the perfect country for my first stop. Everyone is super friendly, nice and chatty – locals and travellers alike. It doesn’t rush you or demand your attention. Everyone is more than happy to help you. I had someone walk me to the bus stop a few dozen yards… Continue reading Oh, Ireland! How I love thou

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Make time for yourself (New Mexico)

Dealing with endless amounts of bullshit is literally the WORST feeling ever. You just need to breakaway!! And that is when travel comes in – it’s my remedy. Earlier this year, my family went through a series of unfortunate medical events. My elderly father was unwell and bedridden for longer than normal. Needless to say, after… Continue reading Make time for yourself (New Mexico)

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Scared to Death (Haiku Bound)

It’s not all glitz and glamour when travel. There is always the ugly, the sickness you may encounter, the missed flight/train, the exhaustion and the moments that scare you to death. My scariest experience was when I was in Oahu, Hawaii. In 2016, I planned a long awaited solo 10 days hiking trip to Seattle,… Continue reading Scared to Death (Haiku Bound)