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Oh, Ireland! How I love thou

First destination on jellooohexploration: Ireland!

Ireland is the perfect country for my first stop. Everyone is super friendly, nice and chatty – locals and travellers alike. It doesn’t rush you or demand your attention. Everyone is more than happy to help you. I had someone walk me to the bus stop a few dozen yards away just to make I know where it is. Such charming people. Everyone says good morning to you, stranger or not. I definitely plan to come back for a visit in the future. 

Day 1 – I landed in Shannon, Ireland @5:10a and hit the ground running. Headed over to Ennis around 7a and loved the sleepy town vibes. The place was easy going. I strolled around the empty streets and saw the strolls of sleepy head folks headed to school, work and the rail station. Early riser were setting up shop on the road for the weekday street market. It was perfect for a few hours wait for my next bus to Cliff of Mohr. 

The Cliffs was amazing. The views, the greenery, the sea animals… the view on the bus along the coast was stunning. All the lovely homes, stone walls, sheeps, cows, horses were a necessary change of scenery I appreciated. 

Next I headed to Galway, a harbour city, that I am staying at for 2 nights. Galway is so quaint and friendly. I am staying at Galway City Hostel which is centrally located. It is right next to the bus stop, the park, right off from Eyre square. the folks I’ve met have been very nice and friendly. First day here, I strolled through the square, to Galway Cathedral and along the Spanish Arch to the promena

Day 2 – Woke up refreshed in Galway and strolled the Slathill Promenade towards the coastal/beach trail. I met a fellow backpacker from Texan on a 9month journey. We chatted along the stroll and grab a hot drink at the arbician coffee spot right by the Aquarium. You will never fail to get cozy vibes from local or traveller abroad. Along the way home from dinner, I passed some folks dressed up like costume. I found out it the was 7th annual zombie charity walk. There adults and kids, all alike, dressed up. There was any a long queue to get your face painted at Eyre Square. I snapped a pic or 2 girls who were playing the part oh so well with their one leg dragging and their facial expressions on point. 

Ireland has been so friendly and sweet. I’ll happily check Ireland off my bucket list. I’m so satisfied that I finally made it. Feels almost like a warm home welcome. Thanks Ireland for the love!

Next up is Killarney for the famous Killarney National Park. The first national park of Ireland and is a part of the Ring of Kerry. I’m excited for some nature and hopefully, nice weather *fingers crossed*

Ennis at sunrise 

Cliff of Moher



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