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Bray (to Greystone) Cliff Walk

Ireland has been a sweet dream of greenery, cozy accents and friendly people. As much as I was looking forward to seeing the capital, Dublin, my body and mind desired to be back in nature. Thanks to the recommendation of my awesome Couchsurfing host, she advised me of 2 cliff walks within an hour or so train ride from Dublin. 

My legs were feeling the pain I’ve been putting it through with the endless walking, traveling and moving. I decided to do the shorter one, Bray to Greystone cliff walk versus the one in Howth. It is a 7km walk from one stop to the next along the cliffs and quite easy. The max time needed to complete it was 2.5 hours, if even. Bray was a quick 50m train ride from Tara Street, the local station to take any train out of Dublin. The fare was cheap, less than €7 for a round-trip ticket. If you have the energy, it is best to take the train out to Bray and return via Greystone station (5km away). 

Once you leave the station, the beach is literally steps away. Absolutely stunning and so picturesque! I was so glad I made it out here on my last day in Ireland!

The beach was lined with cafes/restaurants with outdoor seating to soak end the last of summer and the views. A few steps further north is a small bay where tons of swans and ducks wandered about freely. It was so surreal that they wander so close to human with no concern.

I ate at Platform bar right off the Bray station. It’s a homey pizza and flatbread spot. I helped myself to a seat primely under the sun. I wanted to enjoy the warmth on my skin and the yummy food. It was LIFE!

Afterward, I had ample energy to stroll around to visit the beach and do as much of the cliff walk as my body allowed. I was ready to see what other wondrous things this town had to offer. so far, it has pleasantly surprised me with more than I expected. 

I wanted to enjoy my last day in Ireland. The beach was sweet, made solely of rocks. Everytime you took a step, the rocks clank together like a soft lullaby.

Everywhere you looked, it was stunning… From the beach to cliff to the adorable homes and storefront. Kids playing about and elderlies taking a leisurely stroll. It was the end of the summer so it was a comfortable trickle of people. Views of Bray was visible along the beginning of the cliff walk.

I couldn’t believe all this was accessible so close to town. All of the Atlantic Ocean here. All the marine birds and serenity. You were able to hear the DART train run along the coast under the man made tunnels along the cliffs. 

During my walk, the fatigue I felt earlier mornin slowly left my body. I was rejuvenated. I was back at full with mother nature’s help. I absolutely loved Bray and wish i had done the whole walk… But there is always next time.

Until next time, Ireland… I’ll remember and miss you dearly! 

Live, Learn, Love soulfully!

Angela in wonderland // Follow me on IG @jelloooh #jellooohexploration


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