One girl looking to feed her never ending desire to discover all the tiny tiny wonders on this world and of course, the big ones too! Growing up a richly diverse city like NYC made me really cherish and open my eyes to diverse cultures. In my 20s, I sure did blossom from the shy, quiet, small Chinese girl in Queens, NY to someone I would have never thought I would be today. I’m still small but I have learned to push myself to push the borders of “safe” and social norms.

Time and experiences taught me to be brave, wiser, stronger, opportunist and passionate about life. Travel have taught me to be so much more self-reliant, humble and respectful. I grew to be a huge lover of travel, outdoor exploration, hiking, art, culture, music, food and everything in between. There is so much more than city living and that is why I finally gave up the NYC life and my corporate job to pursue my journey for a soulful exploration of myself, humanity, history, love and this world!

As I travel, I met people and heard stories that fed my soul and love for life. Feel free to do the same… Pay it forward cause you never know what one word, one gesture can truly affect a person.


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